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Step 10 - Reasons for Seeking a Pardon

State your reasons for seeking a pardon.

In answering this question, you should state the specific purpose for which you are seeking pardon and attach documentary evidence (e.g., copies of applicable provisions of state constitutions, statutes or regulations and/or letters from appropriate officials of administrative agencies, professional associations, licensing authorities or the like) that a pardon will be helpful to you in accomplishing the purpose for which it is sought. Most disabilities attendant upon a federal felony conviction, e.g., the right to vote and hold public office, are imposed by state rather than federal law, and may be removed by state action. The federal pardon process is exacting and may be more time-consuming than state procedures for restoration of civil rights, and you may therefore wish to consult in this regard with the Governor or other appropriate authorities of the state of your residence (e.g., the state board of pardons and paroles).

Remember, a presidential pardon will not erase or expunge your record of conviction. A presidential pardon is a sign of forgiveness and not of vindication. It does not connote or establish innocence. Therefore, you will still be required to report the conviction where such information is required. This does not necessarily mean that such reporting will produce an adverse result. Recall the facts of the Bradford case. In addition, in considering the merits of a pardon application, pardon officials take into account statements by the applicant relating to acceptance of responsibility, remorse and atonement.

Accordingly, in the usual request for pardon you should not reargue your case, assert innocence, or otherwise attack the validity of your conviction. For assistance with this critical phase of the process, contact the law offices of Jerome P. Mullins.

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