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Step 8 - Military Record

For purposes of the federal pardon process, you must be prepared to answer several questions about your military service, if any, even if the offense for which you seek a pardon was not committed while you were in the military service. If you do not possess your records of service, and your recollection is insufficient, you may be able to obtain the necessary record of your service from the National Archives and Records Administration. This federal agency establishes policies and procedures for managing U.S. government records, and maintains the historically valuable records dating from the American Revolution. In addition, the agency manages the Presidential Libraries System; assists the National Historical Publications and Records Commission; and publishes the laws, regulations, Presidential and other public documents.

This agency may be able to assist you with your particular needs in developing the data for military service section of your federal pardon workbook. For assistance, you would contact the Office of Federal Records Centers of the National Archives and Records Administration by writing to the address below. This office will accept only written requests for records -- the telephone numbers are provided so that you can order their request forms and information sheets, etc.

National Personnel Records Center
9700 Page Avenue
St. Louis, Missouri 63132-4141
FAX: (314) 538-4175

Records Information:
Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard: (314) 538-4141
Civilian: (314) 425-5761
Army: (314) 538-4261
Air Force: (314) 538-4243

If you have served in the military of a nation other than the United States, this fact raises some special challenges in the federal pardon process. Please contact the Law Office of Jerome P. Mullins for assistance with this matter.

The questions you must be prepared to answer in detail regarding your military service include the following:

Have you ever served in the armed forces of the United States?

If yes, indicate the nature of the discharge(s).

If other than honorable, specify type and circumstances surrounding your release(s).

List the dates of service:

Serial number(s):

Branch(es) of service:

List decorations, if any:

While serving in the armed forces, were you the recipient of non-judicial punishment, or the defendant in any court-martial?

If yes, state fully:

(If you were convicted of an offense by military court-martial, you should gather the same information with respect to each conviction that is elicited in the section of your workbook titled: Offense(s) for Which Pardon is Sought.

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