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  1. Admissibil ity of Electronically Filed Federal Records As Evidence: A Guideline for Federal Records Managers or Custodians
  2. Armed Forces: Rules of Appeal for the Courts of Appeals for the Armed Forces
  3. Brady v. Maryland, 373 U.S. 83 (1963)
  4. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms
  5. Bureau of Justice Statistics
  6. California Assembly
  7. California Board of Corrections
  8. CaliforniaC ourts Home Page
  9. California Department of Corrections
  10. California Department of Motor Vehicles
  11. Ca lifornia Government Code
  12. California League of Women Voters
  13. California Legislative Analyst
  14. California Legislative Information
  15. California Legislative Searching
  16. California Online Voter Guide: General Election 1996
  17. Ca lifornia Penal Code
  18. California Department of Justice, California Criminalistics Institute Virtual Law Library
  19. California Department of Justice, Office of the Attorney General
  20. California Department of Justice Division of Law Enforcement Criminal Justice Virtual Library, Criminal Justice Resource Directory
  21. California Office of Criminal Justice Planning
  22. California Office of the Governor
  23. California State Senate
  24. California State Senate WWW User's Guide to Find Legislative Information and Participate in California's Lawmaking Process
  25. California State Constitution
  26. California State Government WWW & Gopher Servers & Bulletin Boards
  27. California Statutes (the key to all 29 codes)
  28. California Supreme Court Opinions
  29. Calif ornia Virtual Tourist
  30. Ca lifornia Welfare & Institutions Code
  31. CALLAW --A Service of Counsel Connect
  32. Cecil Greek's Criminal Justice Resources on the Web
  33. Corrections Connection
  34. Crime and Criminal Justice Links of Edward Humes
  35. Crime, Law Enforcement, and Prisons: General -- U.S. House of Representatives Internet Law Library
  36. Crime, Law Enforcement, and Prisons: Sentencing and Parole -- U.S. House of Representatives Internet Law Library
  37. Criminal Justice Discussion List
  38. Declarat ion of Independence
  39. Electric Library
  40. Ex Parte Garland, 71 U.S.333 (1866)
  41. Ex Parte Grossman, 267 U.S. 87 (1925)
  42. Expert Witness List
  43. Federal Bureau of Investigation
  44. Federal Bureau of Prisons
  45. Federal Information Center
  46. Federal Judicial Center
  47. Federal Rules of Evidence
  48. Federalist Papers
  49. FedLaw
  50. FedWorld Information Network
  51. Forensic Science Resources in a Criminal Fact Investigation Index
  52. FORENSIC RESOURCE and CRIMINAL LAW SEARCH SITE (sponsored by the Law Offices of Kim Kruglick)
  53. Georgetown University Law Center Legal Explorer
  54. Gideon v. Wainwright, 372 U.S. 335 (1963)
  55. Guid eline Sentencing: An Outline of Appellate Case Law on Selected Issues -- September 1995 (new edition expected in January 1997)
  56. Habeas & Prison Litigation Case Law Update -- 1996, a publication of the Federal Judicial Center
  57. Indiana University Libraries Research Collections
  58. Internet Crime Archives
  59. Juvenile Information Network
  60. Katz v. U.S., 389 U.S. 347 (1967)
  61. Kentucky Department of Public Advocacy
  63. Library of Congress
  64. Los Angeles Times
  65. Mappv. Ohio, 367 U.S. 643 (1961)
  66. Meta-Index for U.S. Legal Research
  67. Miranda v. Arizona, 384 U.S. 436 (1966)
  68. National Archive of Criminal Justice Data
  69. National Criminal Justice Reference Service Justice Information Center (also at an FTP site accessible by clicking here.
  70. National Forensic Science Technology Center
  71. National Rifle Association of America
  72. Other Side of the Wall: Links in the Work of Justice
  73. Prisons and Prison Law
  74. Prisons Handbook Links Page of Mark Leech
  75. Professional Bail Agents of the United States
  76. Rand Corporation's Crime Section
  77. Refer ence Manual on Scientific Evidence, a publication of the Federal Judicial Center
  78. Sacramento Bee
  79. San Jose Mercury News
  80. State Bar of California Criminal Law Section
  81. Terry v. Ohio, 392 U.S. 1 (1968)
  82. United States Coast Guard
  83. United States Coast Guard Academy
  84. United States Constitution (Table of Articles and Amendments)
  85. United States Code of Federal Regulations (U.S. House of Representatives Internet Law Library
  86. United States Code, Title 18 (Crimes and Criminal Procedure) [Cornell University]
  87. United States Code, Title 18 (Crimes and Criminal Procedure) [U.S. House of Representatives, searchable form]
  88. United States Code, Title 18 (Crimes and Criminal Procedure) [U.S. House of Representatives, gopher menu form]
  89. United States Congress (Thomas Legislative Information on the Internet
  90. United States Constitution (Including A High-resolution Image of the Real Thing) [National Archives and Records Administration]
  91. United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit
  92. United States Crime Control Bill of 1994
  93. United States Federal Laws (by source): U.S. House of Representatives Internet Law Library
  94. United States House of Representatives
  95. United States National Library of Medicine Databases & Electronic Information Sources
  96. United States Postal Service Zip Code Lookup and Address Information
  97. United States Senate
  98. United States Sentencing Commission
  99. United States Supreme Court Opinions: A Service of the Legal Information Institute, Cornell University
  100. United States Supreme Court Opinions: FedWorld/FLITE Supreme Court Decisions Hompage: Historic File of Supreme Court Decisions (This file consists of over 7000 Supreme Court opinions dating from 1937 through 1975, from volumes 300 through 422 of U.S. Reports.)
  101. United States Supreme Court Opinions: USSC+
  102. United States Supreme Court Opinions: Villanova Center for Information Law and Policy: United States Supreme Court Opinions Flite Database Archive
  103. Wong Sun v. U.S., 371 U.S. 471 (1963)
  104. World Wide Web Virtual Law Library Criminal Law and Evidence catalog
  105. Washburn University School of Law Library
  106. Washington Post
  107. Zeno's Forensic Page